Monday, 10 March 2014

Simply Bears!

Wondering where to get that Teddy Bear for the next occasion? Check out Fluffy Fuzz! We dedicate our time and effort to find the most lovely bears for you and your loved ones. You can also be rest assured with reliable delivery services all across Malaysia and best of all, all teddy bears can be lovely packed so when it arrive at the door of your loved ones, the special gift will lighten up their day

There's a wide range of Forever Friends Teddy Bears, for almost any kind of occasion. You can definitely find a special bear for your own collection or to brighten the day of your loved one from our website. Here's some of the lovely bears in FluffyFuzz

For Your Kid - Baby Boy Bear (Small Bear)

A Cute Forever Friends Bear, just the right size for your kid. The perfect surprise to brighten up the day of your special him/her on his birthday!

For Friendship - Monkey Friend Bear (Medium Bear)

Finding a special bear for your friend? Why not get this sweet bear that comes with a special friend and let that special him/her know that you will always be by their side as the best of friends

For Well Wishes - Good Luck Bear (Medium Bear)

Someone special taking an exam or needing some luck for something challenging in life? Send a warm greeting with Good Luck Bear to let him/her know that you wish them a smooth journey ahead

If you would prefer to collect it themselves, you can opt for the personal pick up services (only for Malaysians living in Klang Valley), otherwise, you can always enjoy the convenience of a delivery right to your doorstep. For those living in West Malaysia, you can also arrange for a one day speed delivery so you can still make it for the last minute surprise for that special him/her

To see the full range of Teddy Bears on FluffyFuzz, please click on the following link

FluffyFuzz - Lovely Teddy Bears for All

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

It's Bear Time!

Guys and girls,

It's time to visit us at once again! After scouting around to make our website more fluffy, we have added a whole new collection this season for you and your loved ones!

Some hot collections for this season and our bestselling bear in Malaysia (p/s our customers come all the way from some ASEAN countries to deliver that special teddy to their loved ones for the special occasion!)

 Handsome Groom Bear 

Wedding season have been crawling and restaurants have been busy, so is Forever Friends Groom Bear! He is busy delivering happiness to the thousands of couples tying the red knot and fulfilling a lifetime promise to one another.

Gift for You Bear 

Ulala! What can be in the box? Many have delivered surprises to their loved ones for almost any occasion with this bear full of mystery. Just the right bear to create suspense and excitement for your loved ones!

Kiss Me Bear 

Isn't white Forever Friends Bear just so cute and adorable? With this lovely bear, whose heart wouldn't melt with it?

Come back here or check out on what you can get from our Teddy Bears website in Malaysia today!

Monday, 15 April 2013

A Walk in the Fluffy Children Section of Metrojaya

Fluffy Fuzz is here to share some random fluffy encounters during a random shopping trip

A Row of Lovely Toys in Metrojaya, The Curve

What was interesting about this shelf of toys are the sweet memories it made me remember from childhood days. How rapid has the world of soft toys changed from those days. Nowadays, I hardly ever see a child carrying a Disney toy nor hear about a child talking about Lion King, Tom and Jerry or Mickey Mouse. Most of the time, they're talking about the most recent cartoons on air like Sponge Bob Square Pants, Ben 10 or occupied with the latest IPad and tablet games

It makes me wonder, will this trend continue of will there be a reversal in consumer preferences? Perhaps I was from the 1990s era and I have a bias that Disney toys look really cute even in modern times although they seem to be losing shine in the consumer's hearts

What do you think? Do you think they will still be a good gift in this age? Or will they slowly be forgotten in the winds of time?

Thursday, 4 April 2013

Happy Easter from Fluffy Fuzz

Happy Easter from Fluffy Fuzz!!

Easter has always been a celebration of sharing and happiness around the world including Malaysia. Here are some amazing photos for Easter =)

The famous Easter Egg Hunt Practice

A sample of lovely easter eggs during the celebration

And not to forget.. Getting a gift for your loved ones to spread the spirit of Easter. Here's a good place to get inspired with some Easter Ideas all the way from Forever Friends

Alternatively, please feel free to visit us at for special gift ideas catering for all occasions

Happy Easter and hope you have a great celebration!

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

How to Pick a Teddy Bear

Fluffy Fuzz sometimes descends into deep thought and comes up with amazing insights. Here some good tips on how to pick a teddy bear for that special occasion.

You can check out our range of teddy bears in Malaysia here to see if there is something you like, too. Meanwhile, we would also like to pay tribute to one of our favourite Disney bears, Baloo from Jungle Book.

Friday, 15 June 2012

Cute teddy bears on shelves!

Hello everyone! Got something in my mind today to share with everyone, what do you all think about selling soft toys in book stores? We saw this yesterday during a visit to Times Bookshop and it was quite a fascinating sight, filled with all the cute Forever Friends bears

We personally thought it was quite lovely and it got us wondering about whether would people actually buy soft toys for their loved ones in a bookshop. Or was it there more to attract the children crowd when the parents shop around there for books? What do you think?

The bookshop sold the teddy bear together with cards, just like a mini gift shop. And we recall seeing this concept in many other bookstores. Perhaps it's a complement to customers buying books as gifts for their special one. Nevertheless, we thought it was a great idea =)

More good news for soft toys fans and gift hunters out there. We're stocking up on Forever Friends bear and a great range of forever friends will be available to you soon! Check it out here

Fluffy Fuzz Forever Friends Series

Monday, 11 June 2012

What about a cute little pink elephant?

We have heard this somewhere, that if one ask you to not think of a pink elephant, you can never challenge your mind to not picture of it. It's because our brain can never think in a negative. A profound finding indeed. When we ask you to think of one however, what would your imagination be like? Would it be a big cute fluffy elephant? Or would it be a tiny one which you can imagine holding in your arms? Everyone has their own mental pic, but here's what we found lying just outside a baby shop just outside Tropicana City Mall

This was the big family portrait of the soft toy family and we thought it was a really welcoming arrangement that will capture the eyes of the younger crowd (the babies and kids)

What captured us was the 2 pink elephants sitting right at the corner
Though they were meant for babies, we thought they had really cute features especially those watery eyes that made our heart melt when we looked into them. With their cute little short trunk, we thought they will also make a good gift for a loved one, even if she was a young adult

Their colourful features was what really made the shop categorising them as baby toys. So, would one's sweetheart take this toy as a childish one if one were to give it to him/her? It makes us wonder...